Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy

During civil engineering projects, the chances of damage or obliteration are high. With contractors all risk insurance at; cover is given for civil engineering activities such as that for hospitals, dwellings, tunnels, offices, cannels etc.

Contractors All Risk Insurance Policy

You can get accident damage covers for every type of civil construction works, such as ones for machinery, equipments, the whole plant on the construction site, defects in maintenance period for which the liability lies with contractors (depending on agreement terms between the principal and the contractor).

Contractor All Risk Insurance Coverage

The contractors all risk insurance policy insures against unexpected causes, sudden or accidental damage to property during construction, excluding certain perils. If any physical loss or damage falls under decided "All Risks" criteria, then the policy will cover for all works temporary or permanent, constructed or erected on the site, under the contract.

Section I Scheme

Material damage is a cover for any loss/destruction/physical damage to the insured property, by any case than those excluded from the policy.

Section II Scheme

Third party liability cover is ensured under legal liability relating to the insured contracted, given any property damage, bodily injury, etc, which belongs to the third party.