Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy

In the era of technological innovation, many depend on electronic data and equipments such as desktops, laptops, serves, smartphones etc, for several activities. Usage of these and other similar items have greatly increased in daily life of people. As such any damage of loss to these objects can make for a huge financial impact for businesses and/or individuals.

The electronic equipment insurance policy at riskfreelife.com offers coverage against sudden or unexpected physical damage to electronic data media and equipments, which occurs because of uncertainties other than the ones excluded from the electronics insurance.

Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy
Covers under Insurance for Electronics
  • All perils and risks coverage included in the electronic insurance policy. Unforeseen or unexpected material damage to data media and equipments due to explosion, strike, riot, short circuit, derangement, voltage fluctuations, human error, theft, arcing, burglary, entry of foreign bodies, falling objects, fire and allied periods, and more.
  • Electronic insurance coverage can meet any cost rise in working due to expected or accidental physical damage or loss to the electronic equipment.
  • Costs of external data media (paper tapes, punch cards, magnetic tapes, discs etc) as also the cost of reconstruction of data on the same nature of external data and media are also covered if backup system is available.