Erection All Risk Insurance Policy

Projects including expanding, moving of facilities, reconstructing/dismantling/storing equipments, etc. sometimes are at risk of damage and loss. If you purchase erection all risk insurance policy from, you will get protection from any damage or loss associated to activities mentioned above.

 Erection All Risk Insurance Policy
Erection All Risk Insurance Coverage
  • Coverage is granted from the inception of project site related unloading and clearing of first consignment. It is valid through the termination of testing, completion or handing over of project to its principal, or as per the policy period selected, whichever is earlier.
  • Erection all risk insurance policies even extend its cover assembly, erection, storage, and examination done on Plant and Machinery, other than perils that are excluded in the policy.
  • In erection all risk policy covers are available for overtime and holiday wages and rates, freight according to the availability or on additional premium payment.
  • Erection all risk has additional covers for removal of debris, maintenance, customs duty, cross and clearance liability cover, escalation, damage to owners that surround the property, etc.