Film Tapes, Raw Stock and Negatives

During filming of videos or movies and similar activities, there is a great risk of damage to equipments due to unforeseen reasons. Bearing cost of such loss could be huge for the producer. Thus, one can get needed filming equipments insured so as to get sufficient coverage for the same. The person has to list all the devices, equipments that have to be covered for to us, and necessary checks may be done to note if these objects are not already damaged.

Coverage Granted

Coverage is assured for direct physical loss, destruction of digital media, damage to tape stock or raw and exposed film (underdeveloped or developed), sound tracks, tapes, recording videotapes, amounting to the insured cost for production. There will be no coverage provided unless all equipments to be insured are completely tested and proved to be in sound health at the start of taping/filming.

Film Tapes, Raw Stock and Negatives

Indemnifies the insured for such loss/damages sustained by them as a result of damage to raw and recorded/ exposed film stock as defined hereunder from any external cause arising out of

  • Fire and allied perils
  • burglary, theft
  • Act of God peril
  • Natural calamities.
No Coverage in case of:

Coverage is not included for faulty sound equipment or camera, faulty processing, editing, manipulation on part of the cameraman, temperature changes, dampness, accidental or sudden exposure to light, errors in judgment about exposure, sound recording or lighting, incorrect use of camera, raw film, tape stock or lens


Replacement cost of raw stocks, films, tapes and other storage devices/media etc.