Group Personal Accident Policy

Employees are not only assets but foundation of an organization's success. Thus, taking care of employees is essential in every way. At, we provide cover for employees against permanent or complete disablement, or accidental death under the group personal accident policy.

By purchasing a group personal accident policy, the insured are protected financially for end-number of injuries as listed for particular policy chosen. Whoever is covered under the policy is relieved of any sudden economical burden resulting from untoward mishaps covered under the dedicated policy.

Group Personal Accident Policy
Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme Eligibility

The group personal accident policy online can be taken for a group of employees of an organization

Students of institutions or other groups as stated in the IRDAI group guidelines.

Accident Insurance Policy for Employees Coverage

The individual will be paid the required sum or compensation as per the conditions mentioned below:

Primary Covers:: Accidental death, permanent total disablement, temporary total disablement, permanent partial disablement, concerning the employees.

Additional Covers:Accidental medical costs and/or hospitalization, child education support, funeral expenses, repatriation benefit, hospital cash/adaptation/modification/family transportation allowance, on payment of added premium.

Claim Procedure

When the insured meets with an accident or encounters an injury, then a claim can be processed. A notice must be served immediately to us in writing. If the insured has passed away, a written notice for the death is also necessary, unless a reasonable cause is shown, to be given before cremation/internment within a month following the death. Forward us a written intimation in case of physical loss of body parts as covered in the policy. All information, certificates and evidence from medical practitioner is required.