Jewellers Block Insurance Policy

The Jewelers Block Insurance Policy is designed for diamantaries (those who deal only in diamonds), and jewelers. The Jewelers Block Policy is perfect for jewelers who are into wholesale and retail business. The policy is not for establishments that involve manufacturing processes such as those maintained by cutters and goldsmiths. The policy is also not given to pawn brokers, angadias or other relevant brokers.

Most of the jewelers' premises contain special protection devices such as strong rooms, armed guards, closed circuit T.V., built-in vaults, and more, which may ask for a 360 degree policy. There are discount schemes for premium as well. As per the collateral type the jewelers provide for their premises, the Jewelers block insurance gets divided into three sections, out of which the first section is mandatory.

Section I

Riskfreelife has Jewelers Block Insurance Policy that covers damage and loss resulting from burglary, fire, lightning, explosion, hold up, riot, theft, robbery, strike, anarchy and vengeful damage, or house breaking to jewelry, precious stones, cash, currency notes, pearls, silver and gold plates or ornaments, whilst contained in the insured's premises.

Jewellers Block Insurance Policy
Section II

The Jewelers block policy covers loss or damage to the above mentioned items (excluding currency notes or cash), if these are in custody of the insured, and related directors, partners, employees, cutters, goldsmiths, agents, brokers, sorters of diamonds.

Section III

Covers loss or damage to property described in Section I during transit through angadia, registered parcel post or via air freight.

Section IV

The policy offers cover for damage or loss to office furniture & fixtures in insured's premises, trade, etc. due to lightning, robbery, hold up, explosion, fire, riot, malicious or terrorism act, house breaking, theft, and strike.