Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Policy

Companies recognize the need to be a part of the worldwide marketplace, and corporate employees conducting business outside their own countries expect to encounter verbal communication barriers, exotic customs, and diverse negotiating styles. What they cannot forecast is political commotion and the increasing danger of abduction and extortion. The goal of our entire program is the safe return of the captive or the satisfactory resolution of a crisis—a goal from which we do not deviate. Professional assistance before, during, and after a kidnapping or extortion hazard is a vital element of corporate risk management.

Kidnap / Ransom and Extortion Insurance

While no insurance cover can ease the emotional and physical pain, Kidnap & Ransom cover can help ease the financial burden and resolve issues smoothly.

An insurance policy can be structured that will provide cover for companies or individuals that protect them from kidnap, extortion, wrongful detention, and hijacking.

The Coverage may include:
  • Ransom / Extortion payment,
  • Transportation and Delivery of Ransom including loss of ransom in transit
  • Death or Bodily Injury
  • Crisis Management
  • Negotiation services
  • Emergency Response help-line and related expenses,
  • Medical Services and Emergency
  • Evacuation
  • Psychiatric care, Rest and Rehabilitation expenses
  • Coverage can also be explored for Property damage extortion and Product Contamination

Extortion of Trade Secret / EDP Extortion. Deductibles depend upon the risk assessment by the Insurers.

Without diluting the importance of [coverage] factors, the primary consideration for any “Kidnap and Ransom” policy still lies in the expertise that will be utilized for hostage retrieval. The negotiating team is probably more important than the policy. The policy should provide for both an qualified negotiator and the facilities necessary to ensure that the hostage is returned unharmed.