Life Insurance Policy

Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy is basically a contract you make with an insurance company. You pay premium decided, and then the company offers a lump-sum amount, also termed as death benefit, in case the insured meets death before the policy matures. If you are still alive till the end of the policy, you will receive the sum assured nonetheless. So be it the policy tenure end or death, whichever comes before, decided on it, the sum is disbursed.

Now a permanent insurance for life protects your life until death, and does not depend on the term you select for the policy. It means you get lifelong protection, and the nominee collects the cash (most often family member, friend etc whom you register as a nominee), after your demise. Life insurance policies (some of these) carry many tax-benefits, a reason why many purchase the policy. These are known for a great savings plan to get accumulated cash after a period.

RFL's Life insurance products are presented with an aim to help you in securing your family's financial future by providing the appropriate amount of funds you need to cover life and life related belongings. You can decide the amount you can pay as premium, and a plan will be accommodated that suit the amount you can spend.

RFL has a varied range of life insurance schemes that we can provide.

The kind of policy you opt depends on your urge:

  • Whole Life Insurance Polices
  • Endowment plans
  • Term Life Insurance/Group Term life
  • Retirement Plans
  • Children Products
  • Ulip Plans/ Investment Plans
  • Micro Insurance