Motor Insurance Policy

Driving a car or a motor vehicle you own brings in a sense of freedom to you. However, like every mechanical object, even a car is at risk of damage, theft, and other harms. But, if you buy a motor insurance online from, all your worries will be taken care of.

  • As a car insurance policyholder, you get vehicle insured by paying a certain amount as policy premium, which then offers economic coverage for any damage, losses, theft concerning to it.
  • The premium amount you pay is based on the car's value, manufacturing year, and its registration state.
Motor Insurance Policy

Auto insurance also gives security against any liability due to legal charges after an accident. On, you can buy a car insurance online, and get added discounts on premium payments.

The Car Insurance Policy Will Not Cover

Speed Testing

Pace Making

Organized Racing

Sum Insured

Motor Insurance Coverage In Case of Calamities
Natural Calamities:

Flood, fire, typhoon, lightning, storm, hurricane, self-ignition, tempest, cyclone, landslide, inundation, hailstorm, earthquake, rockslide, fire or shock damage.

Man-made Calamities:

Housebreaking, theft, strike, burglary, accidental external means, riot, terrorist or any malicious act, damage during transit by train, elevator, train, air, lift, or inland waterway.

Third Party Legal Liability

In motor car insurance, you as a policyholder will be insured against death or injury caused by the vehicle to passengers, pedestrians or occupants of other vehicles.

Sum Insured for Auto Insurance

The 'Insured's Declared Value' (IDV) is a specific value at which the insured vehicles are covered. It is calculated on the grounds of listed selling cost by the manufacturer of the automobile, and the listed cost of accessories, later to deduction of depreciation annually, as per the schedule given by the Indian Motor Tariff.

In case cost of the installed electronic or/and electrical items in your motor vehicle is excluded in listed selling price by the manufacturer, then the real value after depreciation maybe included to the sum insured over the IDV.