Neon Sign Insurance Policy

Neon signs are used at many places, especially business units, shops, commercial points, roadways, and significant places. These brighten the area and serves purpose of indicating the region by bearing text or indicators etc. Be it of any use, installing and caring for neon signs ask for good amount of expense.

If any harm befalls these neon signs, it takes a heavy amount of money to get these repaired or replace. To ease this process, you can rather get a neon sign insurance policy that covers for most of the physical damages.

Main feature

Insurance in respect of loss or damage to the neon sign installation.

Neon Sign Insurance Policy

Policy provides coverage against loss or damage to Neon Sign by:

  • Accidental external means,
  • Fire and/or lightning, external explosion, theft,
  • Malicious act

Policy also provides cover against legal liability for death of or bodily injury to any person or damage to property of third party caused by the Neon Sign including claimant's law costs incurred with its consent.

Special Condition

Insured neon sign must be examined and inspected at regular intervals of not longer than 6 months by a qualified electrician or engineer.

  • Overheating or over operation and strain
  • Kindred and war perils or natural risks
  • Atmospheric conditions, consequential loss
  • Cleaning, wear, tear, erection or removal, deterioration or depreciation
  • Tubes damage unless fracture on glass
  • Burning or fusing out of tubes/bulbs because of short circuit or acing of mechanical parts or electrical breakdown and defect
  • Repair, cleaning, removal or erection, wear and tear, depreciation or deterioration
  • Damage to tubes unless the glass in fractured