Pet Insurance Policy

A home is not a home without a pet. They give us companionship and unconditional love. So, in order to protect these amazing animals when they are sick or injured and to give them the best medical attention, it is important to avail Pet Insurance. Pet Insurance policy is one of the latest insurance schemes introduced in India. This scheme covers veterinary expenses incurred for the treatment of a pet who has endured an injury or is sick. Some pet insurance plans also covers death or loss of the pet that is insured. This helps pet owners to eliminate the risk of high expenditure for medical treatment of the pet and to protect its life by providing the best treatment.

Pet Insurance Policy
IRDA approved

The pet insurance plans are approved by IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authosrity). There are various types of pet insurance schemes that fall under this plan, such as: cattle insurance, dog insurance, horse insurance, cat insurance, etc.

Types of Cover

There are three types of pet insurance cover, namely, lifetime cover, time-limited cover and money-limit cover. Lifetime cover protects the pet and its owners against any critical/ long-term illness. This includes diseases such as eczema, arthritis, etc. The policyholder who opts for a lifetime pet insurance policy, will receive a specified amount each year towards treatment of the pet. Time limited pet insurance policy offers financial protection to a pet only for a specific period after a pet has contracted an illness or suffered an injury. Money-limit cover offers financial benefits to pet owners to meet the medical expenses of their pets. There is no time limit for this policy and it can be used until the money limit is reached.