Props, Sets and Wardrobe Insurance Policy

Generally, props and unique wardrobe are chosen for events, filming, dramatics, conferences, etc. However, the use of such materials is not limited to the mentioned reasons. Also, sets can be required for many instances such as weddings, parties, etc. All these elements ask for quite expenditure, and maintaining their wellbeing is essential to prevent any expenses you have to do to get these things repaired, replaced, or more.

Sometime incidents like fire, flood, calamities can sustain loss to these properties. At other times, due to improper transfer of the props, the same can be affected. Or it can be an accident which spoils the sets, props and wardrobe. To safeguard against these odds, you can buy a respective policy which gets you good amount of economical assurance to cover these losses.

Props, Sets and Wardrobe Insurance Policy

With props, sets and wardrobe insurance policy, these materials get optimum coverage or financial protection as decided during understanding and signing of the insurance policy. Indemnifies the insured for such loss/damages sustained by them as a result of damage to raw and recorded/ exposed film stock as defined hereunder from any external cause arising out of

  • Fire and allied perils
  • burglary, theft
  • Act of God peril,
  • Natural calamities.

Replacement cost of raw stocks, films, tapes and other storage devices/media etc. There could be additional covers to benefit with for which, you need to drop in your enquiries and connect with us. Our customer care executives will be prompt on meeting your needs and suggest policy plans which go by your needs.