Public Liability Insurance Policy

It is important to protect your business against claims of damage or injury, if you work with customers, clients or in public spaces. The public liability insurance covers for third party liabilities (property damage/bodily injury) arising from industrial/non-industrial/manufacturing premises occupied by the insured, and legal costs incurred in connection therewith. You can insure more than one unit placed in different locations under a single policy.

Public Liability Insurance Policy

The policy insures towards damages to third party of Legal Liability with respect to:

  • Accidental death
  • Bodily injury or disease
  • Loss or damage to property.

Legal costs and expenses are incurred with the prior consent of the Insurer and within the limit of indemnity. For more comprehensive protection, you can extend the policy to cover legal exposures resulting from Act of God perils, out of sudden and accidental pollution, transportation of hazardous substances and others.

How to claim?

The term liability signifies responsibility or legal liability that is enforced by law. The same can be classified as civil or criminal liability, out of which only the former is payable. It can happen because of negligence of the insured that causes death or injury to third party, or damage their property and belongings. Negligence can be proved in case of breach of duty, existence of duty of care, damage or injury suffered by the property or person resulting out of the mentioned breaches.

During such events, a liability claim can be made with insurance company immediately. If summons or legal notice is served to the insured, it must be conveyed over to the firm, and it is then the duty of it to arrange defence of the case.