Public Liability

Public Liability

This section indemnifies the Insured against its legal liability (including Defence Costs) to pay Damages for third party civil claims arising out of Bodily Injury or Property Damage caused in the course of the Shoot by an Accident in the Premises where it is held and during the Policy Period if notified during the Policy Period. It covers for both Third Party Property and Person who face damage or injury out of negligence of duty of the insured.

What is the Use of Public Liability Insurance?

Such insurance can help avert financial pressures arising out of claims made by the third party on the loss caused. The cover extends to handling legal charges. Thus, the insured has to forward any legal documents, actions, and summons to the insurance company rather than dealing with it himself/herself. The sum assured will depend on the extent of the damage or loss and shall be verified before being disbursed.

How Does One Benefit from Third-party Damage Cover?

It is easier to control expenses made on oneself, be it out of unforeseen cause of known, but very difficult to manage the ones arising out of fault of one's own, but damage rendered due to it to someone else. And this is why, public liability insurance is very much important. As a third-party, the claims on loss can be anywhere next to beyond expectation of the insured. This is why with respective insurance policy, such claims can be smoothly settled.

Word of Caution

Any additional costs not covered under the public liability policy will not be provided. If the insured wishes to take an additional cover, they need to check with us for the specific requirement, and we will find the best mix of additional insurance that gels in with the need. The insured has to make sure that the acts of damage or loss must not be initiated due to malicious reasons of attaining monetary reimbursements; as such activities if identified will carry legal repercussions on the part of the insured.