Special Contingency Insurance Policy

The policy is designed for concerns to businesses that wish to integrate several possibilities of damages/risks into one, and are related to equipments, machineries etc. Under the special contingency insurance policy, many of these loses occur because of fire, burglary, lightning can be fully covered. It is known for being a tailored coverage which suits certain requirements.

In case the insured has an business overseas and plans to protect its financial assets, then it can be done through such a policy and ease of business can be restored without worries of economical burden in terms of accidents or clauses counted as risks as described in the policy.

Main features

It caters to the requirements of the clients who desire to have all risks in respect of their machinery and/or equipment or any other property covered under a single policy. One can take add on covers to extend the protection limit. It is always wise to select special contingency insurance policy if the intended customer has assets, equipments, machineries amounting to a good monetary amount. An insurance cover shall mitigate loses or damages resulting from any unforeseen mishaps.


Damage or financial loss caused due to fire, lightning, burglary etc. are covered. The scope can differ from the plans selected, and could be different when combined with other types of insurance. Thus, to discuss ahead, contact our team at RFL.

Special Contingency Insurance Policy
Add on Covers
  • Riot, strike and civil commotion can be covered on payment of additional premium
  • Earthquake, flood sometimes covered on payment of additional premium