Travel Insurance Policy

Before setting for a travel trip, you take all efforts to assure everything goes exactly as it is planned. However, at times, things can go awry, for which it is safe to buy a travel insurance in order to handle any unforeseen circumstance that involve crippling costs. After all, why let anything disrupts a perfect itinerary? Just get comprehensive travel coverage instead.

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage: There are different types of coverage available. You can compare travel insurances to choose the one that suits best your specific needs.

Travel Insurance Policy
Domestic travel insurance

Domestic travel insurance provides coverage for medical emergencies, permanent disability and death, checked-in lost/stolen baggage, travel delay and personal liability.

International travel insurance

International travel insurance gives a comprehensive coverage for medical expenses overseas, hijack, baggage and travel delays, and repatriations/evacuation to India, and loss of travel documents/passport besides the usual coverage.

Corporate travel insurance

Under corporate travel insurance India, employees of an organization can attain coverage for both international and domestic trips.

Student travel insurance

There is minimum paperwork involved in student plans. The coverage provides for expenses incurred on medical treatment, passport loss, and study interruptions.

Senior citizen travel insurance

Senior citizen insurance is for people who belong to the age group of 61-70. It includes coverage for dental treatments and cashless hospitalization, besides the usual benefits associated with travel insurance.

Family travel insurance

Family travel insurance covers hospitalization, baggage loss, and other incidental expenses. The claim disbursement is easy with minimal paperwork involved.

Individual travel insurance

Through individual insurance, you can get coverage against cancellation of trip, home burglary and trip curtailment.

Group Travel: Travelling in group is complete fun, be it with family or friends. With a group of people, travel tour becomes a memorable experience. But, risk of illnesses or accidents always go unnoticed amidst the excitement of travelling. We cannot deny the fact that untoward incident can happen to anyone and anywhere. Thus, to be safe during the trip, it is best to buy travel insurance.

Why to Buy Travel Insurance?

At times a person who is travelling can face problems such as delay in checked baggage, missed connection, trip curtailment, etc. due to any given reason. Such problems can be covered easily with the help of travel insurance.

And, if you are with a group of people travelling to the same destination, then you can opt for a group travel insurance plan. It certainly will be a wise and an economical choice.

Purchasing travel insurance for groups particularly for large groups (20 or more travellers), can result in substantial savings in many cases; this is especially true for groups of students and senior citizens.

Benefits of Group Travel Insurance

To be able to cover up any uncertainty, it is advisable to opt for group travel insurance. If every individual of a group buys separate individual travel insurance, it will cost him/her a lot. But with group travel insurance, the cost gets cut down significantly. This makes group insurance a cost effective choice.

A Group travel insurance offers coverage for vacation and trip cancellation, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical and health expenses, lost baggage and more.

Things to be Aware About

While buying any given group travel insurance plan, group members must be aware of the kind of coverage being offered. They must have a complete knowledge about the benefits being offered under their travel insurance plan. Awareness about plan they are purchasing, inclusive of its terms and conditions, inclusions & exclusions, is a must.

Travel Insurance
Important Note

Insurance is an investment one makes for securing their future well being. It is thus advisable to understand where your hard-earned money is being invested. You must read the policy offer document carefully.