Whole Life Insurance Policies

Whole Life Insurance Policies

How about being financially secured for your whole life, with no worries about income? With whole life insurance policies at riskfreelife.com, gaining regular income can come true. The idea behind whole life insurance is to guarantee a regular income flow to the insured and/or his/her loved ones.

  • The whole life insurance policy asks for regular premium paying term to 35 years or until the life assured to 80 years.
  • Whole life insurance plans include payment of simple reversionary bonus on earlier death of the insured or on policy's maturity.
  • You can even opt for an extra accidental death benefit with whole life insurance policies.

NOTE: Policy premiums that are paid under the life insurance policy are exempted from any taxation (in regard to the Section 80 C), while maturity proceeds are exempted in concern with Section 10 (10D).

Benefit on Death and Maturity

On death, the beneficiary will get the total sum assured and the accrued bonus amount. In case you attain minimum 80 years of age or complete 40 policy years from the commencement date of the plan, then you can withdraw the sum assured and the overhead bonus.